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In the eyes of the law, how wide are the parameters of parental responsibility? And how aware are parents and teachers of what goes on when they are not around? In this program, ABC News correspondent John Stossel gathers opinions in the heated debate over accountability for a child’s delinquent actions by talking with parents, children, survivors, and the judges who are handing down rulings on where exactly to place the blame. Suits against parents for alleged criminal negligence in cases of school shootings, underage drinking and drug use, DWI-related deaths involving minors, and acts of vandalism are addressed. Indecent behavior on and off school grounds is also discussed. (38 minutes)


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Hard Time: Teens in Maximum Security Prisons
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Every Wednesday another busload of new inmates arrives at the Western Youth Institution in Morganton, North Carolina, a maximum security prison for juvenile offenders. What trade-offs do the convicts have to make, just to stay alive in this hostile e...(more details)
Street Life: Inside America's Gangs
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Police estimate that there are 31,000 gangs currently operating in the U.S., with more than 800,000 members-many of whom are women. In this program, ABC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden interviews female members of two Los Angeles gangs-the Drifte...(more details)
Inside the Interrogation Room

How could a person who did not commit a crime sign a confession that could ruin their life? This program goes inside the interrogation room to reveal the hidden techniques police use to wring confessions from the guilty-and sometimes from the innocen...(more details)

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