Langston Hughes: "Salvation"

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Langston Hughes: "Salvation"
This playlist was created by Sue Szostak on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

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Langston Hughes: Salvation (31:01)

"I was saved from sin when I was going on 13. But not really saved. It happened like this…" So begins this powerful dramatization of "Salvation," Langston Hughes’s eloquent autobiographical story that illustrates how his aunt’s well-meaning efforts to bring him into the spiritual fold resulted in a moral crisis. Calmly waiting for Jesus to appear to him in the hot, crowded church, young Langston’s anticipation changes to confusion and disillusion when pressured to choose between being true to himself or fulfilling the expectations of the preacher, his aunt, and the rest of the congregation. (31 minutes)

Kansas - 1915 (04:43)
Langston Hughes goes to live with his aunt and uncle after his grandmother dies. His aunt is involved with revival meetings at the church.

The Promise (04:41)
Langston promises his aunt he will attend the revival service. He is worried about attending and looks to his uncle for support.

The Revival Service (02:48)
Langston reluctantly goes to the church with his aunt. She seats him in the front with the other "sinners."

The Evangelist (04:41)
The Evangelist pleads with the young sinners to come and be saved. Langston continues to look back at his aunt who encourages him to go forward.

The Invitation (04:47)
Soon Langston is the only one left in the sinner's pew. As the congregation prays for him he looks for Jesus to appear.

Going Forward (01:22)
Langston goes forward. He continues to look for Jesus to appear.

Doubts and Tears (00:03)
In his room, Langston cries; his aunt assures him that everything will be all right. He believes he lied and that Jesus didn't come to save him.

Reflection (04:47)
Langston reflects on this time in his life when he was 13. He promises to write about his aunt and uncle someday.