Euripides: Medea

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Euripides: Medea
This playlist was created by Sue Szostak on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

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Euripides: Medea (01:27:03)

This is the stunning Kennedy Center production of Euripides’s great classic about a woman driven by emotion beyond the brink of rationality. With Zoe Caldwell as Medea and Judith Anderson as the nurse. The English text is by Robinson Jeffers. (87 minutes)

Corinth: Medea and Jason's House (03:60)
The nurse sorrowfully tells what has happened to Medea. Although Medea has committed crimes on Jason's behalf, he has taken a new wife. The nurse fears for Medea's children and her violent nature.

Tutor and Children Enter (02:19)
The tutor tells the nurse the rumors of Creon's plan to exile Medea and the children. The nurse is horrified that Jason would allow his children to be exiled, and she is afraid of Medea's anger.

Chorus: Women of Corinth (05:51)
The Chorus of women converse with the nurse and Medea. Medea's passion for Jason sacrificed her family. The Chorus tells Medea that patience is better than the consequences of revenge.

Creon Banishes Medea (03:30)
Creon banishes Medea and her children. He fears she is dangerous and threatens his daughter. She begs for mercy, but he is steadfast in his decision. Her pride will not allow him to have pity on her.

Creon Gives Medea One More Day (04:58)
Medea manipulates Creon with her vulnerability and seduction to gain more time. He concedes by giving her one more day before she is exiled. If she is not gone by morning, she will die.

Medea Plans Revenge (04:34)
The Chorus and Medea commiserate about womanhood. Medea plans her revenge on Jason, his wife, and Creon with her witchcraft. The nurse tries to reason with her against revenge.

Jason Confronts Medea (05:33)
Jason blames Medea's anger for her exile. Medea threatens Jason's new wife. She reminds him of her sacrifices for him, and now he does not need her. She is dejected.

Jason Seeks Power (04:04)
Jason reminds Medea that he brought her to Greece where she is now famous. He married Creon's daughter for power to protect Medea and their sons. Medea's pride pushes him away.

Medea Fears Humiliation (03:00)
Medea is consumed with hatred for Jason. She wants revenge, but cannot bear the humiliation from her enemies if she is caught. She calls the goddess Hecate to help her with witchcraft.

Medea Manipulates King Aegeus (04:55)
Aegeus, King of Athens and Medea's old friend, stops to visit her after visiting the oracle of Apollo. Medea promises to come to Athens and cure his infertility if he promises to protect her.

Medea Plots Murder (03:51)
The Chorus and the nurse feel a foreboding as Medea sends the nurse to Jason promising gifts for his new wife. She wants him to come see the boys before they are exiled.

Medea Prepares a Poisoned Robe (02:04)
Medea prepares a golden jeweled robe laced with poison for Jason's new wife as she impatiently waits for him. The Chorus speaks of omens that foretell an evil fate.

Jason is Fooled by Medea (04:17)
Jason makes alternative plans for his children, but Medea asks that he keep them in Corinth. She perversely hints at the fate of the children and his bride.

Medea Lays Her Trap (04:49)
Jason has a final meeting with his sons. Medea watches this loving scene while she plans their demise. In a cruel game, she sends the golden robe with Jason and the boys to Jason's bride.

Chorus: Justice or Evil (04:10)
Medea tells the Chorus she wishes the earth would swallow her up before she does an unspeakable act. The Chorus tells her not to hurt her children. Medea threatens them and says this is justice.

Princess Receives Medea's Gifts (02:37)
The princess accepts the golden robe from Medea and agrees to let the children stay in Corinth. A messenger arrives to tell Medea that the princess and Creon are dead from the poisoned robe.

Creon and the Princess Die (04:29)
The nurse arrives to tell Medea of the horrible deaths of Creon and the princess from the poisoned robe while Jason watched helplessly.

Medea Murders Her Children (06:35)
After a final conversation with her children, Medea commits the unspeakable act of murdering them despite the pleas of the nurse and the Chorus.

Jason Seeks Medea (02:38)
Wielding a sword, Jason seeks Medea for the deaths of Creon and the princess. The Chorus accuses Jason of causing this tragedy. He inquires about his children's safety.

Medea's Revenge is Complete (06:13)
Medea emerges from the palace with blood on her hands, and Jason discovers that she has murdered their sons. Her hatred for him is greater than her love for her children. The blood-grudge is complete.